Monday, 26 March 2012

How to make wind power.

How to make wind power,
The bid to bring renewable power to the U.S. is facing a tougher time this year than in previous years.
The New York Times reported earlier this month, in WIND POWER GUIDEthat “even as many politicians, environmentalists and consumers want renewable energy and reduced dependence on fossil fuels, a growing number of projects are being canceled or delayed because governments are unwilling to add even small amounts to consumers’ electricity bills.”
Year-to-date installations of new wind power dropped 72 percent from 2009 levels, according to a press release from the American Wind Energy Association
As authors Matthew Wald and Tom Zeller Jr. note, “Electricity generated from wind or sun still generally costs more — and sometimes a lot more — than the power squeezed from coal or natural gas.That gap in price can pit regulators, who see their job as protecting consumers from unreasonable rates, against renewable energy developers and utility companies, many of which are willing to pay higher prices now to ensure a broader energy portfolio in the future.”
One example: “The state public utilities commission in Rhode Island rejected a power-purchase deal for an offshore wind project that would have cost 24.4 cents a kilowatt-hour. The utility now pays about 9.5 cents a kilowatt hour for electricity from fossil fuels. The state legislature responded by passing a bill allowing the regulators to consider factors other than price. The commission then approved an agreement to buy electricity from a smaller wind farm.” That decision is being challenged in the courts.

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