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How to make wind power. FREE Plans.

How to make wind power Generators.

What is so important about wind power?

These days our demand for energy frequently exceeds our current supplies and this situation will only get worse, so making wind power as a source of energy makes more sense for future use. The usual ways of making power are from non-renewable sources, which are dwindling, and these ways also have adverse effects on the environment by raising pollution levels. There are distinct advantages using power from the wind and some of these are:

1. Wind energy is mostly continuous and free. By converting this energy, the initial cost of set up is recouped very quickly and then the energy produced is free. This means that non-renewable sources can be made to last longer.

2. Wind energy does not produce any negative effects on the environment in that there is no pollution producing effects or any other damaging effects on the environment.

3. By producing free energy wind turbines are extremely cost-effective. Use of the wind as a power source will reduce or eliminate expensive electricity bills.

4. A 24 hour  Power Supply - Using a generator to store energy, wind energy makes sure that you never have interrupted power supplies to your home or farm.

5.  Having your own wind sourced power supply means you are not dependent on local or national energy supplies.

So how do we get power from wind?

Wind energy is everywhere and we can use wind turbines to harness that energy. It works by converting the energy from the wind into mechanical energy to make machines work. Wind turbines are also frequently called windmills. A wind generator is another wind turbine that changes the harnessed mechanical energy and turns it into electrical energy.

The main components of a wind turbine are a set of blades, a tower, a shaft, a base and a generator. The rotary action of the blades when in contact with wind causes mechanical energy to be generated. There are two things required before installing a wind turbine and they are: a land area of at least one acre and wind speeds averaging 12 mph.

What can wind power be used for?

There are many uses for wind power and here are some of the more popular ones:

• Providing power for all types of electrical appliances and devices at home or work.

• Milling grains in flour production

• Pumping water

How to make wind power.

When you install a wind power system for your home or farm you are using an evergreen source of energy and therefore making the world a better place to live, not only for the present but for the future.

Wind power is a green alternative power source in our current global energy crisis. It produces no pollutants and has nil adverse effects on the environment. Making wind power the energy of choice means that we can tap into an uninterrupted supply of energy not reliant on any other fuel save the wind. This offers the promise of no more power crises in the future, and it is within reach of virtually everyone.

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