Monday, 19 November 2012

How to make wind power future for all

How to make Wind Power for a Better future.

Back Through the course of history, few countries, let alone any states have strived in being leaders of environmentally friendly energy. Some countries have experimented with solar, geothermal, biofuels, hydroelectric and nuclear power. However, wind energy has been neglected. And yet, it stands above the rest, as unlimited and resourceful and clean forms of energy. Although some may argue how to make wind power is ineffective, costly, and an eye-sore, the United States, in particular Michigan, should construct wind turbines in order to ensure a cleaner, cost effective, and more accessible way of living.   
Wind energy has been mans most vital renewable resource; 

it was being produced nearly a thousand years ago. The first wind energy was successfully harnessed by the Turks in the early tenth century, and then slowly made its way to Europe. Medieval Europeans who did not live near water turned to the wind to produce energy through the use of windmills. The word “windmill” for many, brings to thought small European countries such as Netherland and Denmark, whose countryside’s have been sprouted with a plethora of windmills for centuries. Originally windmills represented an early resourcefulness of technology that seemed to be forgotten during the industrial revolution, when fossil fuels replaced it as the most abundant form of energy. 

Today, many people support a return to greater reliance on the wind strongly because wind power is clean and endlessly renewable .
Once you learn How to make wind power the energy produced by windmills was mainly used for producing electricity, pumping water, and generating power for farms. By the turn of the twentieth century, more than a million wind farms were created and operating in America. Today a new situation involving wind power is occurring on the breathtaking coastline of Michigan. The purposed wind farm project in Michigan is revolutionary.
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