Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spanish Fiestas

Now that I am living here in Almeria Southern Spain, I get to see all the local fiestas.
My home here is only about 30mins from the mountains and 5 mins from the beach and with one of the warmest climates in Spain, this makes it a great place to live, a far cry from the days when I worked outside and it was dark about 4pm with endless rain.

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We have a small village near here called FiƱana and it is a little village made up of old white washed houses and an old church, set on a hillside with the mountains of the sierra Nevada just behind.
Every January they have the fiesta "San Sebasian" when the whole village turns out to join in a procession through the small streets starting at the church and ending back at the church about 2 hours latter.
"2 hours seems a long time for a small village but there is a reason for this.

Every house along the main rout opens its doors to the villagers and they enter a few at a time to take a small drink, normally hot red wine a local fire water. There is always "Tapas" a small plate with a few snacks which vary from house to house.
The villagers and strangers alike, are made very welcome and It amazes me how trusting they all are as the house is completely open to all.

Once you have had you quick drink and a bite, you stroll on to the next which is normally a few doors away as to enter every single house would be impossible.
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On every street corner and in the crowds as they walk, are the village elders who let off large rockets which fire off into the night sky ending in a loud explosion.
The start and finish of the stroll around the village is in front of the church, set next to the village square and at the very start they let off 30,000 rockets. Yes really 30,000.

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Spanish Fiestas from David Wright on Vimeo.

As it is very cold on these nights of January, they have large bonfires on the street corners so as people can stop and get warm as they finish off their drink and when warmed up, its off to the next house for another.
This goes on all night and last year we just had to go back to our house about 3am to sleep because we were so tired but friends and some of the younger ones stayed until the end 7am.
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